Ilya Timofeyev

My experience in

Marketing, Content & Analytics


Where I've worked.

An overview of where my career has taken me.


In my role at Squarespace, my time has been split between two channels on the marketing team: Email and Social. After assisting setting up Email as a marketing channel, I took on segmentation and strategy for email as the team developed retention and acquisition facing email campaigns. Through both paid and organic methods, I supported the social growth and tracked both acquisition and brand awareness.

Responsibilities Included:
Analytics, Reporting and Research for marketing projects.
Email Marketing & Segmentation Strategies.
Digital Media Development and Research.



(OCT 2015 - MAR 16)

At Rolex, I was part of the creative and PR teams. I helped with everything from social strategy to PR analytics, while also assisting with event organization for major events like the Rolex Daytona 24. 

Responsibilities Included:
Media Cost and Audience analysis.
Weekly and Annual report presentation with statistical analysis. 
Outreach and networking with journalists.
Proofing and Editing internal documentation.

To learn more about Rolex, go here.



(OCT 2014 - JUNE 16)

During my two years at Tictail, I worked on a variety of projects like visual, written and virtual marketing campaigns that helped the brand promote the store, the brands offered in the store and even the Tictail Van that helped get entrepreneurs off their feet. 

Responsibilities Included:
Budget Allocation and ad campaign planning. 
Formatting content to be SEO friendly. 
Statistical analysis behind social media campaigns.
Researching key influencers for new markets
Influencer outreach – building relationships and finding opportunities for growth through networks. Assistance with organizing Pop-up retail stores and galleries.
Project support and external research.

Find out more about the Swedish E-Commerce Platform here.




Freelance Work/Clients

Highlights of my freelance work.

Alpha Industries:
Here are some of the Instagram features: Post 1, Post 2 & Post 3. Here's the blog post I wrote. 

Created a look book, and about two dozen marketing assets for the upcoming campaign. Also posted about the new product launch on my own social media: Instagram Post.

Styled some of Kiehl's new mens' grooming products for marketing assets, as well as posting about the launch on my own channel: Instagram Post.


(2015 - Current)

I've written for a variety of publications, and have oftentimes included photography with the editorial contributions. Below is a sample of links of articles and photography I have recently contributed.

NBC: Photography
Format: Article
American Bazaar: Article
Lifestyle Magazine: Article, Article, Article