Ilya Timofeyev
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My name is Ilya Timofeyev and I'm a creative marketer who currently calls New York City home. I'm always looking for new ideas to discuss and grow, and brands that want to create together. In 2017, I graduated with a BA from NYU and am currently pursing my masters in marketing. My past years have seen me tackle various roles, from product management to growth, at companies like Rolex, Tictail and Squarespace. CV available upon request.


What's my process?

I've been split between my right and left brain my whole life. I always have a number to back up my words but that's not to say I dont make numbers speak. I quickly figured out that tackling growth and marketing is the best way for me to channel both sides of my thinking, and have been having a blast ever since. Here's a breakdown of things I like to think things through.


With channels like email, social and PR in my list of specialties, I love finding original and organic ways to grow business.


Whether it's with my camera, or deep in the Adobe Creative Suite, I'm always creating content that engages audiences.


With a formal stats background, I like to quantify success. Numbers inform my choices in and out of buisiness.


While paid growth is worth acknowledging, I'm a big proponent of organic growth and am always looking for new ways to grow organically.